Ramsgate Pawn Brokers

Buyers and sellers of gold and most items of value

Need money in a hurry? Or are you looking for a bargain on gold, jewellery, second hand electronics or second hand computer games? Here at Ramsgate Pawn Brokers we are always on the look out to buy items of value and we can offer instant cash loans on jewellery, diamonds, gold etc (conditions apply).

Donít worry if the gold jewellery you want to sell is damaged or broken as we will still consider buying it or loaning against it.

New jewellery

Ramsgate Pawn Brokers sells new jewellery including Lovelinks and are conveniently located at shop 1/304 Rocky Point Road and have been in operation for more than 12 years.

Why not drop by our friendly relaxed shop and get an obligation free appraisal on any gold, jewellery or other items you want to sell.

Ramsgate Pawn Brokers is the ideal place to look for great deals on second hand goods. We sell a huge range of second hand gold, jewellery and electronics as well as second hand electric guitars. Come on in to browse and grab yourself a bargain!